Wholesome halloumi and falafel salad

Now that we are getting sunny weather in England (for now!), the evenings are warmer so I’ve found that I’ve been fancying lighter dinners rather than carb-heavy, stodgy meals. But at the same time, this can be challenging when following a plant-based diet as eating no meat often means eating more carbs- BUT I made this meal the other day and found it was perfect for this time of the year and was filling too!
This meal is super healthy and nutritious as the avocado provides healthy mono-unsaturated fats and vitamin C, whilst the falafels, couscous and salad are a great source of fibre (which most of us are deficient in!).

This meal can easily be made vegan, if you omit the halloumi, and you could replace it with some stir-fried tofu or a few extra falafels.
I made this meal with couscous but some baked sweet potato or pita and houmous would also go well!

wholesome halloumi salad recipe

1/2 cup couscous, dry
1/2 veg stock cube
3 Couldron falafels
1/4 avocado
2 slices halloumi
2 sundried tomatoes
1/4 red onion, sliced
handful spinach and rocket leaves
4 cherry tomatoes, sliced
1 tbsp houmous
1/2 tsp cajun seasoning
salt and pepper
1/2 tsp olive oil

1. Boil water in a kettle and add 1 cup of the water to a pan
2. Wash the couscous in a sieve and add to the water in the pan. Bring to boil.
3. Add the stock cube then take it off the heat and leave covered for 8-10 mins
4. Put the falafels in the grill for 8 mins on medium temperature
5. Heat a frying pan on medium heat and add the olive oil
6. Add the red onion and cajun seasoning to the pan
7. When the red onions are slightly cooked add the halloumi and fry until golden
8. Add the salad and tomatoes in a serving bowl along with sliced avocado and season with salt and pepper
9. Add the red onion to the cooked couscous and stir. Top with chopped sundried tomato
10. Add the couscous, falafels and halloumi to the serving bowl
11. Top with houmous and enjoy!



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