Hey guys, I’m Andri Neocleous. a 26 year-old Recipe & Product developer from North-West London.

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This blog is a combination of healthy and cheap vegan recipes , product/restaurant reviews, and travel guides. Look out for the skin-care post too!

I transitioned to Veganism in 2017, and I’m now a self-confessed hummus-aholic (if that wasn’t a thing before, now it is!). I personally love the plant-based way of life as I’ve found that I have a lot more energy ever since cutting out meat and dairy products despite always following a relatively “healthy” diet in the past. It’s also nice knowing that whilst your nourishing your body, your also doing your bit for planet too considering plant-based diets generally have less environmental impact than meat/dairy-centric diets.
I know this can sometimes feel like an impossible task with the current rate of inflation, but I really do want to prove that eating healthy can be done on a low budget using basic store cupboard ingredients rather than all the fancy schmantsy specialist ingredients that cost a fortune.

I also well and truly have the “travel bug” so hopefully I can share my love for travel and food with you guys through my posts!

Hope you guys enjoy reading!

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Dri x

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