Q. Why is your blog called Basil and Vogue?
A. When I started this blog during Sixth Form (I was about 18 years old!), I wanted it to be based on both fashion and food- my favourite herb is basil (I put it in almost anything lol), and Vogue because well… it’s the basis of the fashion world. But since then, I’ve shifted the focus of this blog to be more food orientated but I kept the name for convenience and it’s kind of just stuck!

Q. How long have you been Vegan for?

A. I’ve been following a predominantly plant-based diet since a was a child as my mum always encouraged me to have a healthy diet, but I became pescetarian after I got back from Thailand in 2016 and slowly turned Vegan in 2017. It’s been a slow transition and has been tricky at times (saying ‘no’ to chocolate has been tough, but I’ve discovered a love for dark chocolate now so it’s all good!) but I feel this lifestyle works for me as I feel I have more energy and my skin has been clearer too.

Q. Where are you based?

A. I’m based in North West London, and I work in NPD at Huel, a plant-based focused company who produce convenient and nutritionally complete food. I’ve got to say, its really cool seeing products I’ve developed live on the website / in customers hands IRL and on social media, plus there’s unlimited free Huel for staff!

Q. Is your hair naturally curly?
A. Yes it is but I use quite a lot of hair products to tame it, my current fave is Cream of Nature Curl Activator

Q. Where are you from?
I’m British with a Greek-Cypriot background.


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