I’m known for eating quite healthily and since I am interested in studying nutrition and dietetics at university, I thought I’d share the typical things I put in my salads (that I have for lunch) for some inspiration…


The Posh one- Tuna, balsamic vinegar, 1 poached egg, marinated boiled new potatoes (with wholegrain mutsard and honey), a few black olives, lettuce leaves,reduced fat salad cream

The Oriental- Smoked salmon, peppers, cucumber, sweet chili salad dressing (teaspoon of low fat mayo mixed with teaspoon of sweet chili sauce), 1/2 tsp soy sauce, lettuce, balsamic vinegar and sunflower seeds


The Veggie- Falafels, goat’s cheese, grilled veg, peppers, lettuce, houmous and pine nuts

The Muscle Builder- Grilled//left over roast chicken, boiled egg, peppers, sweetcorn, cucumber, lettuce, feta cheese, sunflower seeds.


– I also sometimes replace the chicken with poached/smoked salmon


With Chicken


With poached salmon


With thickly sliced smoked salmon (the cheeky cider in the corner!)

I try to add at least two sources of protein in the salad e.g. egg, meat/fish or seeds, so that it would be more filling.

Depending on my appetite on the day I’d either have it with a piece of fruit and popped chips (they’re like prawn crackers but super healthy) or with Riveta/crackers with houmous or peanut butter.

I hope I put my point across that salads DO NOT have to be boring!

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Andri x




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