The windbreaker

Hi guys! So it was my first day back at sixth form today and it was basically a reality check for all the work I hadn’t done during the Christmas half term! But I guess we all have to have a break sometimes right? (I’ll just keep telling myself that anyway).

To beat those January blues I thought I’d post an outfit with a bit of colour…



I love this windbreaker- all the bright colours make me feel all 90s- mine’s a hand-me-down from my brother but there’s loads available on Sports Direct and even Depop and Ebay.


I’m a real lover of trainers and these Nike Theas are just gorgeous. They’re slim fit so look really good with skinny jeans as well as with joggers.


The high waisted jeans are from Asos- they’re like the equivalent to Joni’s from Topshop but slightly cheaper. However, having recently gotten Joni’s for Christmas I have to say, I think Topshop do them better because they fit a bit tighter and don’t fall as low at the backwhen I sit down (which is really annoying)- but I’ll make a separate post comparing the two jeans in a bit more detail soon. So if you’re thinking of getting any look out for that!




Crop top:American Apparel


Jeans: Asos

Windbreaker: My brother’s but possibly Sport’s Direct











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