Top vegan meals out in London

mildreds sweet potato curry
Mildred’s sweet potato curry

As a transitioning vegan I definitely don’t like feeling limited to 1 or 2 options when I eat out so I’m constantly on the look out for restaurants that offer a wide variety of vegan options. Since it’s nearing Christmas, a lot of us will be treating ourselves/family and friends to a few meals out so I thought I’d share my favourite vegan meals out that I’ve had if you need a bit of foodie inspo!

I thought it would be worth mentioning that most of the restaurants featured in this post are exclusively vegan/vegetarian but some are just ordinary restaurants that have veggie options.

Also a quick warning, the quality of some of the photos isn’t great due to bad restaurant lighting/genuine excitement to eat my food…



I heard a lot about Mildreds on social media before going so I had high expectations, but when I finally went I was not disappointed! All the dishes on the menu are vegetarian or vegan but even meat eaters would not leave hungry as the food is so wholesome and filling. Mildreds has an internationally inspired menu so you can get anything you fancy; from plant based burgers, to a warming curry, to saucy noodles! I’ve only been once but I remember taking absolutely ages to order because everything on the menu sounded amazing. I eventually ordered the “Soul Bowl”-a duo of different superfood salads which were packed full with nutrient-rich ingredients like avocado, cashew cheese, quinoa, kale (plus more!). This dish was so tasty and I remember leaving feeling really satisfied rather than overly stuffed/sluggish.





-Kings Cross


MIldreds butternut squash starter

Mildreds butternut squash starter


2. 222 VEGAN

I came here with my friend after going on a night out and wow- it sorted us right out. We went for lunch so we managed to get there in time for the buffet which was £9.50 that included UNLIMITED PLANTAIN… yes you read that right- this place could be heaven on Earth lol.

Also the owner is hilarious and really friendly so all in all it’s a must-go-to place. I didn’t have any space for dessert (and that’s saying something!) but I’ve seen pics of the desserts since and I’m in deep regret- definitely giving their vegan cheesecake a try next time!


West Kensington


222 vegan

222 vegan plate




Bob’s Cafe has a really relaxing/chilled vibe with hanging lights and plant pots from the ceiling. They specialise in American/French food and is perfect for any time of day-I went for brunch and ordered the Mediterranean Grain Bowl which was my dream dish as it had kale, crushed avo, pomegranate, sweet potato and roasted cauliflower (which was to die for). Bob’s Cafe isn’t exclusively veggie, but they have a fair amount of tasty meat-free options on their menu from curry, to crepes, salads etc.


-Muswell Hill

-Queens Park



bobs mother earth bowl



Let’s be honest who doesn’t love a cheeky wags (I dunno if that’s a thing but lets just roll with it lol)?

They’re notoriously known for the chicken katsu curry and they recently brought out a new vegan menu which features a vegan version (I think they use a meat alternative). I’ve not yet tried this but I love their Samla curry as well as their mushroom ramen (it’s a lot better than all their other ones). Oh and a cheeky tip that my friend Jae recently told me- you can order any curry sauce on the side for £1!


-Loads of locations across the UK!

wagamama vegan ramen

wagamama vegan ramen


I hope this post has helped any readers with some top vegan meal options whenever you’re fancying some tasty veggie food. Let me know what you think of any of the dishes/restaurants mentioned above if you’ve been, and feel free to share some other veggie places that you recommend in the comments below or on Instagram!


Andri x


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