Middle Eastern Sprouts with Tahini and Cranberries

Middle Eastern Sprouts with Tahini and Cranberries

This Middle Eastern  Roasted Sprouts recipe was part of a collaboration AnxietyKO. Anxiety KO is an independent guide to beating anxiety through exercise, diet and healthy living.  It was set up by trainer and health coach, Lindsay Hogg-Tomlinson, who aims to empower others to fight anxiety through lifestyle changes.

I have worked in collaboration with Anxiety KO to formulate healthy and tasty recipes to inspire readers to use nutritious food as an aid for better mental health.

Rather than the usual categorisation of recipes into breakfast/lunch/dinner etc, these recipes are categorised into our moods such as Need of Comfort, Need of indulgence, Lazy (minimal effort required), Active (super healthy). This is done with the intention that we can then be more intuitive with our diet and nourish our body and soul with the food it really craves in healthy ways. This Middle Eastern Sprouts recipe was part of the Christmas edition of the recipe collection.

This Warm Sprout Salad  is a Middle Eastern Twist to a Christmas classic- it is also packed full with foods with antioxidant properties and healthy fats. The walnuts topping provides vitamin E (antioxidant) in addition to being rich in omega 3 fatty acids which contribute to healthy brain functioning.

I also added roasted leeks and red cabbage to the sprouts to add extra nutrients and of course extra flavour!

Click here to be directed to AnxietyKO for the recipe

middle eastern sprouts recipe


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