Brunches, Lunches and Munches- Uni edition

This post is basically for all you uni students out there who need some inspiration for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have to admit I’ve sort of prioritised alcohol over food so I try to keep the cost of my food shop as cheap as possible! As a result I’ve been vegetarian for the last two weeks but I think you can still have a healthy diet whilst being vegetarian as long as it’s balanced.

pesto salmon, Uncle Bens rice and stir-fried veg

Don’t get me wrong my vegetarianism IS NOT PERMANENT as I love meat way too much and still order it when I go out for dinner (who doesn’t love a good rack of ribs?? lol), so I’ll probably start buying it again starting next week.

The meals I’ve included in this post are mostly vegetarian but added a few meat ones too. All are really simple to make cos lets be honest who’s really bothered to be slaving over the kitchen stove when you’ve got a flat party to be getting ready for lol.


Porridge made with coconut milk and cinnamon, topped with granola, raisins and banana

I never really drink cow’s milk (apart from in tea) because I find almond/coconut milk sweeter and nicer. It is slightly more expensive but I just buy it when it’s on offer. I really like Koko for coconut milk and Alpro for almond milk.


Special K with granola, banana, cinnamon, raisins and coconut milk. 

I bought Dorset granola for £1 from Poundland when it’s normal like £3 or more from supermarkets so would definitely recommend buying it from there


Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel

Bought this bagel as a treat for myself as I hardly ever buy lunch out but I had really missed smoked salmon and for £2.60 I thought why not! This was from a cafe at my uni which has a really chilled out vibe with vintage sofas and cute stuff like that.

Pesto pasta with quorn pieces, roasted veg, houmous and grilled halloumi 

When I’m at home for lunch I usually have soup or pasta as they’re both really simple to make. I definitely recommend buying frozen roasted vegetables because they’re really cheap and literally take seconds in the microwave. Also quorn is really nice as long as you don’t over heat it- trust me I’ve been there and it literally turns into rock


Sweet chili chicken with egg noodles and peas


Take-away chicken curry with rice and Indian wrap bread.

Once a week my flat usually gets a take-away on a Sunday. This curry was really good although I have no clue what it’s called lol. What I can say though is that Indian take-away is definitely cheaper in Leeds than in London because they give free rice/wrap bread!


Roasted veg and feta omelette, with salad topped with quinoa and a mini tortilla on the side.

This is a really healthy and simple dinner to make. I usually make it the evening after a club night out to make me feel like I’m making up for all the alcohol I drank the night before lol.

Linda McCartney sausages, roasted veg couscous, and side salad with feta and pesto.

These are veggie sausages and was initially quite sceptical but having tried them I actually really like them. Also I under-estimated how easy couscous is to make so I’ll definitely be making it more often.


Spaghetti bolognese made by my flat mate 🙂

The last meal I’m showing is the one made by my flat mate and it was really good! (not just saying that btw lol). I think it’s my turn to cook a meal for my flat next week and literally have no clue what to make so may just have to be a last minute thing!

Keep posted for future posts!

Andri x



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