Secrets behind the curls

Moving to Leeds for uni has made me get a lot of attention for my curly hair, and I’m not really sure why to be honest, I think curly hair is not so common up north lol.

If I got paid every time someone asked me if my hair is naturally curly, I’d literally be able to buy every product at Nars (unfortunately that’s not the case!), but the answer is YES- my hair is naturally curly.

However, I do need to use a lot of hair products to define curls, stop it going frizzy, and quite simply stopping it resembling a bush.

It has taken me quite a lot of trial and error over the years to find which exact products work for me, but here’s the ones that literally work miracles for my hair:

1. Redken curvaceous ringlet- Look Fantastic- £12

I’ve definitely used this product the longest and I 100% recommend this to anyone with a similar hair type to me. I use 5-6 pumps of this when my hair is damp after I wash my hair and run it through my hair (but avoiding combing out any of the curls).


Defines the curls really well

Stops hair frizzing out


Most expensive out of all the products I use, but lasts a long time.

Not available from many high street shops, only at selected hair dressers and online- however Look Fantastic sell it online for quite a good price so I’ve linked this above in the subtitle.

2. Kids Organics Shea butter- The Glamour Shop- £2.50-2.99

I am so grateful that my friend at uni (shoutout to Maz lol), recommended this to me. At first I was a bit skeptical because it’s mainly targeted for afro/mixed hair so I thought it might be too dense and oily for me, but I can definitely say this is not the case. I am still careful not to use too much to prevent it looking greasy.


Adds shine.

Makes hair look healthier.

Stops frizz.

cheapest product I own (only £2.50!).


Over using the product can make hair look greasy.

Only suitable for thick hair.

3. OGX Kukui oil- Asda -£4.99

This product really helps hair look revived and healthy. It is quite expensive but I only spray 4-5 pumps for the ends of my hair so does last a while.


Nourishes hair.

Lasts a long time.

Available from most supermarkets including Asda, Waitrose, Boots, Superdrug etc.


Quite expensive.

Cannot be used alone (only nourishes hair, does not define curls).

5. Remington Diffuser hair dryer- Argos-£39.99

As well as using creams/oils my hair would not look the same without my diffuser- for those of you who are unfamiliar with this would probably think it looks like some sort of weapon! But I can assure you this is an absolute life saver. This stops hair looking flat so adds volume, and adds definition to the curls. For more volume, diffuse the hair with your head tipped upside down.  Best to use on a low heat and low power when hair is wet (prevents frizzing).

General tips for curly hair:

  • NEVER COMB YOUR HAIR- this is my number one rule; only comb your hair in the shower when it’s wet to avoid frizzing.
  • Avoid mousse products- unless you want crunchy hair but this isn’t a common desire!
  • Loosely tie up your hair when you sleep to avoid hair bushing out and prevents knotting
  • Don’t be afraid to apply a greater amount of products in your hair- obviously don’t soak your hair but put enough to lather it up before using the diffuser to dry it. 
  • If your hair looks frizzy in the morning but you’re not ready to wash it, wet your hair with some water and dry it with the diffuser. 

Hope this has helped all of you with curly hair or anyone else who was just interested in how I manage my hair! x


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