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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything make-up related, so I wanted to share a few of my favourite products that I own at the moment.

In the past I’ve always bought drugstore make-up brands like Maybelline, Rimmel etc, as they’re the more affordable options, but in 2015 I gradually started investing in more high-end products as I started working part-time so had a bit more money to spend on make-up. In saying this, I wouldn’t say I’m completely converted to high end as I am still a fan of a few products from drugstore ranges.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

I’d say Benefit is mid high end (I don’t know if that’s a phrase lol), and I’ve used a few of their products but I’d definately say the They’re Real Mascara is the best I’ve used. Coincidentally I have been asked a few times if I’m wearing false lashes whilst using the mascara and I have to say “Yes they’re real!”.

I’d say this mascara is different from others as it definitely makes the eyelashes grow and get thicker, so the lashes look generally better even when you haven’t applied the mascara.  I’ve been using this mascara for about 5 months and I have noticed significant growth;

I’d also recommend Benefit Roller Lash mascara for those of you who want curled lashes and zero clumps so more suitable for a natural look.

I wanted to focus this post on the Benefit mascara as I’ve found that it has made such a difference, but I will also briefly share other products which I recommend;

Nars All Day Luminess Foundation

It has taken me quite a long time to build up the courage to splash the cash to buy this foundation as it is expensive but I don’t regret this buy at all. It makes the skin really smooth without a cakey feel as it’s really buildable. It’s also suitable for oily skin types (like mine) as it reduces shine. Mine is shade light 6 Ceylan.

However if you don’t want to spend this much money on a foundation I recommend Max Factor miracle match foundation.

Nars matte concealer

This is legit a life saver for when you get a breakout as it sticks to the skin really well so doesn’t move when you apply a foundation on top meaning that the spots stay covered- perfect!

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro primer

I haven’t used any high end primers but I would say this Rimmel one does the job. My make-up stays on all day and generally looks smooth. It’s white in colour so suitable for all skin colours and tones.

Soap and Glory Blusher

This blusher is really good for anyone who wants a more subtle look when it comes to blusher. I never really used blusher until recently as I didn’t like my cheeks having a pink tone, but this one is great because there’s literally a colourwheel meaning that the brush picks up both dark and light pink pigments.

Nars velvet lip liner

This lip pencil has really good colour pigmentation and stays put without looking dry, so you don’t really need to reapply!

Nars semi-matte lipstick

This is a semi matt lipstick and bought it to match the lip pencil above. It lasts for ages and has a nice moist consistency without being too dry or shiny.

As you can probably tell, I did go on a bit of Nars Spree over Christmas, but I genuinely do recommend these products just because I think they’re worth the money since they last longer throughout the day and generally look smoother when applied.

Hope this post helps any of you who were thinking of buying any high-end products, and if you have questions about any other make-up products I use feel free to comment below or on my instagram page!




  1. OliviaHaMakeup
    January 21, 2016 / 5:53 pm

    Interesting on Benefit's They're Real Mascara! I've heard great reviews on this but I own so much mascara currently I cannot justify buying another one 😛 Is it that big of a difference from drugstore/department store mascaras? I wonder!I got from Sephora NARS lip pencils for your birthday last year which was pretty good too. I don't use them as often as I use my lipglosses though.You look fabulous in your picture using these products though, thank you for the review!Makeup Artist TorontoOlivia

    • Andri Neocleous
      January 22, 2016 / 12:12 pm

      Hi thanks for your positive feedback! Yeah benefit is a lot better than any others I've used although I found Rimmel's scandal eye mascara good too. I just wish I took a before picture because there has been growth in the eyelashes! x

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