Athens- the parthenon, kebab, and other cute stuff

Last week I went on a family holiday to Athens, Greece, and although I’ve been before a few years ago with friends, I had forgotten just how beautiful the city is- and it helped that the weather was good too! This holiday was really special because it was a chance for my family to spend time together since it doesn’t happen as much now seeing as I’m now at uni, and my brother and sister have moved in to their own places. I’d definitely say that Athens is a “must see city” so I thought I’d share a few highlights from the trip to give you guys a taster of what it’s like…

City/ sights

The presidential guards ‘Esvones’ wearing their traditional costumes whilst marching in the streets

The Parthenon- 

 This literally took my breath away as the history and architecture left me in awe as its hard to think that something so beautiful was able to be built in 447 BC!

Street art- Although there is a lot of graffiti in Greece due to rebellion after the economic downfall, some of the art is meaningful and interesting, like these praying hands

  On one of the day we went on a day cruise to neighbouring Greek island. This was taken at the island of Hydra which had stunning views by the port


The food in Greece is mostly marinated in herbs (rather than spices) like oregano, rosemary and garlic. Although Greeks are known for being meat-lovers, their salads were amazing due to being made with fresh produce. Also the tzantziki (yogurt dip made with cucumber, mint and garlic) is top notch out there too. 

There are so many authentic grocery stalls in Athens selling fresh fruit and veg- mostly all the produce is grown locally so little is imported.

Of course being in Greece a meat platter was obligatory. 

Gyro- tranditional meat (pork) kebab with chips, tzatziki, salad wrapped in a Greek pita. 

Sea bass with new potatoes and spring onion

Frozen Greek yogurt with strawberries

Salad with mushrooms, courgette, walnuts, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar dressing

Salad with beetroot, soft feta and walnuts

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this travel post, feel free to leave any comments below or on my social media…

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Andri x


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