15 things I’ve learnt from being a fresher



This academic year has literally gone so fast and I’m actually really upset to be finishing first year which was full of laughs, cider, all-nighters and of course Luigi’s chips at 4am. Looking back at photos from fresher’s week, I can’t believe how many things have happened from September til now- first year is pretty intense (not in terms of workload lol).

Now that my first year has come to end, I thought it would be the right time to share with you guys 15 life lessons I’ve learnt from being a fresher in Leeds…


1. Travelling back home with the coach is the top student mode of transportation

2. How to do a weekly food shop under £15- Tesco’s reduced aisle is in the top 5 places you will most likely find me

3. Changing the bin bags in the kitchen flat suddenly feels like the biggest struggle after it reaches an unacceptable level of fullness

4. To always make sure my laptop is not on sleep mode before opening it half way through a lecture- my lecturer was not amused when Vybz Kartel interrupted her explaining DNA cloning

5. How to make do with Sainsbury’s Basics Vodka- After checking my bank balance after fresher’s week, Smirnoff was no longer an option

6. Microwave time and real time are not the same thing

7.  How to watch 5 solid hours of first dates with my flatmate- only with tea breaks inbetween each episode

8. Strawberries and grapes are bloody expensive- and the ones in the frozen aisle do not taste the same

9. Buying Tesco’s own cider is the best option for prinks- You can’t really go wrong with 4 cans for £1.99

10. To accept that it is impossible to look attractive at a 9am lecture after a heavy night out (sometimes even without)

11. Finding out that your flatmate has used up half your food resources after going back home for the weekend is not ok.

12. Learning how to communicate with Northerners-The level of confusion I had when I asked my flatmates if they wanted tea and they replied “I’m not hungry”. ????

13. How to find ways to manipulate the Uber first free ride- safe to say I have at least 3 different accounts

14. There is no better feeling than forgetting that it’s payday for the student loan

15. There is no worse feeling than forgetting that it’s the day to pay to rent


Hope you guys enjoyed this post- if you just finished your first year hope you can relate, if you’re going into first year- prepare yourself for a fab year!

NOTE: I’ll be off to Thailand for a month next week so look out for Thai posts on my insta…

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Andri x


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