Get sunkissed BEFORE the holiday

Seeing as it’s now the summer holidays for most of us, some will be lucky enough to be jetting off to the beach-but if not don’t worry! I’ve got you sorted as you
will still be able to get that sun-kissed glow and all year round too!

These gradual tan creams can also be applied before going away on holiday too if you have fairer skin to build up a base tan.


I’ve been using gradual tanning creams for quite some time as I’ve never been a fan of the instant tanning creams (it can give an unnatural look) and I’m too poor to maintain the UV sunbed lifestyle lol.

I’ve tried out different gradual tanning creams for you guys so I can recommend which ones give the best natural looking tan-everyone will think you’ve been away to a sunny island for a few weeks!



I’ve probably used this product the longest as it’s the one
my brother (who is a fake tan guru) initially recommended to me.


  • Gives a deep natural bronze colour as opposed to an orange tone that instant tanning creams can give
  • Smells really good
  • Nourishes the skin really well which helps to give a ‘glow’


  • It can initially feel quite greasy on the skin but if you
    have used Palmer’s cocoa butter before and didn’t mind this then you’ll
    probably be fine with this tanning cream too.



  • They do two types- fair to medium, medium to dark so if you
    want a less drastic change in colour I would recommend first getting the fair
    to medium and see how you get on from there.
  • Gives the best moisturising effect so ideal for those with
    dry skin



  • This product is probably my least favourite; when you first
    apply the cream it has a neutral smell but I found that after it dries it has a
    strong distinctive smell which I wasn’t keen on!




  • This is probably the fastest gradual tanner so if you want
    faster results this is probably your best bet.
  • Has a nice refreshing smell
  • Suitable for sensitive skin especially the face.


  • This product has to be rubbed in really well or else it
    could give an uneven colour (i.e. on the ankles, elbows, neck etc).




Nip + Fab

I bought this on sale for 89p after the Christmas period-
one of the best bargain buys I’ve bought to date! It is quite different to the
others as it has a gel-like consistency



  • The gel like consistency (as shown in the picture above) has a lighter feel.
  • Easier to rub in so less likely to have uneven colouration
  • Gives an instant shine to the skin



  • Can feel a little sticky initially so I would recommend
    waiting at least 5 minutes before getting dressed.
  • Although it gives the most natural look, it Is a bit slower
    acting than the other creams
  • It’s the most expensive (I was just lucky to find a reduced one!)

Overall my favourite product has to be Nip+Fab due to it
giving the most natural looking glow. However, as everyone’s skin is unique the
other creams may work better on some skin types which are different to mine.


General tips

1. Make sure you rub in the cream thoroughly to avoid any
streaks or unevenness

2. Get someone else to apply the cream to your back as it’s
hard to rub the cream in properly in some areas- or if you have long arms like
me you’re sorted!

3. For best results apply a setting oil after the cream to
enhance the glow/evenness of the colour – I recommend L’oreal Sublime Bronze

4. Make sure you wash your hands after- although it’s not as obvious as instant tanning creams, if you fail to wash your hands every day after creaming you will end up with tangoed palms (I discovered this!).

5. Avoid applying the creams to your ankles as the product tends to accumulate in this area so will eventually appear darker- you don’t want this

6. For best results, only apply the cream on clean skin i.e. after you shower as this would make the colour more even as you would have washed off any dead/dry skin cells.


I hope this post helps any of you guys who were thinking of using tanning products- if you follow these tips you will end up with a natural looking tan minus the plane ticket expense!

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Andri x



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