New make-up essentials; I’ve found the perfect eyebrow pencil!

We’re in late September so summer is slowly coming to an end… I usually use this as an excuse to buy new make-up products- is this just me???

If so I’ve put together some of the make-up products I’ve bought recently/been using more often that I would recommend to you guys. This is the final look using these products…



I’ve been searching for a decent eyebrow pencil for absolute aaaaaaages because at first I was trying to find a really cheap drugstore product but I when I tried out the new Benefit eyebrow range I literally fell in love with their eyebrow wand; it works  wonders and looks so natural so thought it was worth splashing out. This isn’t to say that there aren’t cheaper alternatives out there but for now I think this is the best I’ve found yet.




This Bourjois eyeliner pen is a hidden gem- it is ultra black and has a precise nib so it glides really easily on the eyelid. It also says it lasts for 24 hours (I don’t know if that acc applies in terms of my messy nights out in Leeds lol) but it lasts longer than most other eyeliners out there. Also for only £6.99 you can’t really go wrong!



I bought this Make-up Forever HD lip liner from Sephora when I went to Greece in April and I honestly haven’t stopped wearing it on nights out since. It’s waterproof so it stays on for my entire prinks sesh and the night out which I think is a miracle. I love this shade because it’s the closest one I’ve found to my natural lip colour so I can wear it on its own over my entire lips or with a lip

stick over the top.



I only started to contour this summer (after watching endless Youtube tutorials) but I really love doing it on nights out/special occasions. I don’t really like it looking too visible so I only use a bit of product to make it look as natural as possible. I’m definitely no expert on contour kits but I would definitely recommend this NYX contour stick to anyone who wants to try contouring for the first time.



This Topshop Glow highlighter isn’t a new purchase (I’ve mentioned it in a previous post which you can find here) but I have found a new use for it…

I used to just use it as a highlighter for my eyebrows/cheekbones but now I’ve also started to use it in the inner corner of my eyes for a ‘going out’ look. I find it really opens up my eyes and makes them look brighter/bigger.



This Maybelline concealer is by far the best one I’ve found from both drugstore and high-end ranges! It brightens up the under eyes so much (great to disguise a hangover) and also has good coverage. I usually opt for a lighter shade than my foundation as this gives the same effect as a highlighter would do. I also use it on top of a concealer stick to cover up any spots/blemishes.


I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post and if you have any question about these products or any others that have featured on my blog leave them below or on my latest post on Instagram.

Andri xx

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