Brunches, Lunches and Munches-Meat-free edition

Ever since I got back from Ibiza I decided to cut out red meat and chicken from my diet for health reasons as I felt really bloated whenever I ate it. 2  months on I’ve noticed improvements in my skin, energy, and digestive health and if I’m honest despite coming from a Greek household where all meals are based on meat, I don’t really have any cravings.

When I came back to uni in September, it became apparent that most of my friends have also turned vegetarian or at least pescetarian (like myself) so I thought I’d share what I make for a typical breakfast, lunch or dinner to give you guys some inspiration if you are thinking of becoming vegetarian or at least having some meat-free days!

Also I’m part of the Uni Girls Can campaign for the Uni of Leeds which is all about getting young women more involved in exercise and nutrition which I’m really passionate about.

For more info on this check out their page on the Uni of Leeds website which I have linked HERE.

It includes loads of healthy meal ideas, sport opportunities and info about future well-being events (there’s a yoga one available now!)


 Vegan Breakfast from LS6 Cafe in Hyde Park

I thought I’d start off with one of the nicest breakfasts I’ve had since being a student at Leeds. This vegan alternative to a classic Full-English includes a veggie sausage, a hashbrown (which was ah-mazing), beans, wilted spinach, grilled tomatoes and houmous on toast. If you’re looking for a greasy fry-up to cure your hangover I wouldn’t say this is your best bet- but if you fancy treating yourself to something healthy to start off your Sunday I would 100% recommend this. The only thing I would have to note about LS6 Cafe is that the waiting time for food is around 40 mins so not ideal if you’re in a rush for a bite to eat.


 Special K with strawberries, banana, cinnamon and almond milk

This is what I usually have before a morning lecture because it takes hardly any prep. I’ve been drinking non-dairy milk for about 6 years now and I alternate between Alpro Almond milk and Koko’s coconut milk depending on which ever one is on offer!

Porridge oats made with coconut milk and coconut yogurt, topped with granola, banana, pumpkin seeds and cinnamon

I only really make porridge if I have a late start or in the weekend as it takes slightly longer to prepare and eat- and obvs I want the maximum time in bed if I have a 9am!

I make my porridge in the microwave for total time of 3 mins (stirring once in between). Once it cooked I add a few teaspoons of Alpro’s coconut yogurt if I have any in to add some extra creaminess. I also like adding granola and seeds for some extra crunch/protein.


Porridge (same as the one above) but with Chai Tea powder added in the beginning. Side of toast with peanut butter and banana

Porridge tastes so good with chai tea powder as it adds extra flavour and is perfect for the winter months.


 Falafel salad with feta and Nando’s sauce.

I try my best to bring in packed-lunch to uni or else I find myself spending so much money on paninis, salads, sandwiches etc throughout the week- and let’s be honest, we would rather use that money for clothes, make-up or a night out. This salad is made with Couldron falafel bites, feta cheese and Nando’s hot sauce.

Mushroom, pepper and feta omelette with a side salad and 1/2 pita

I usually make this when I come home after the gym- I find the protein from the eggs really boosts my energy. I think nearly any cheese goes in an omelette but I usually go for feta cheese, cubed grilled halloumi or grated babybel.


 Falafels with stir-fried kale and vegetable, sundried tomatoes, feta, houmous and prepacked lentil rice. 

This dinner is really quick to prepare as you only need to stir-fry the vegetables with some soy sauce or pesto, grill the falafels then stir through the lentil rice.


 Vegetable curry with couscous/quinoa mix and pita with houmous topped with coconut yogurt

I don’t ever really follow recipes but I made this vegetable curry with sweet potato, tinned tomatoes, peppers, Cauldron veggie sausages, raisins, a few spoons of curry paste, and any spices I could find lol. It tastes really good and took under 30 mins to make.

I served it with couscous/quinoa but rice would be nice too.


 Falafels with stir-fried frozen veg, couscous/quinoa mix, and pita with houmous

I was running out of fresh vegetables when I was making this meal (I only had mushrooms) but I used frozen Mediterranean vegetables and peas and they tasted really good! Also adding lettuce that is about to wilt to a stir-fry is a great way to use it up.


 Sweet potato, chickpeas and vegetable fajitas

These are a really filling alternative to meat fajitas as the chickpeas and sweet potato add extra protein/bulk. I usually microwave the sweet potato for about 5 mins to slightly soften it before cutting it up and browning it in the pan with  the vegetables,

Pesto pasta made with frozen Meditteranean veg, sundried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and feta

I couldn’t have done a food post without including the classic pesto pasta- I have to say I make this minimum once a week as it’s literally the quickest thing ever and you don’t really need fresh ingredients (apart from the optional cheese).


I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post and provided you with some veggie food inspiration. NOTE: I apologise for the overload of feta lol- I promise I don’t always have it but it’s what I had in this week and had to use it up! If you don’t like feta you can either omit it or replace it with another cheese like mozzarella balls, grilled halloumi etc.

Feel free to leave any comments below or on the relevant insta post.

Andri x

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