My Top 5 Cheap and Veggie meals out in Leeds


Ever since giving up meat in August this summer, I started to explore the different restaurants in Leeds which offer great veggie options. I’ve been to a fair few but I thought I’d share my top 5 favourites with you guys to offer some recommendations to any vegetarians in Leeds!



Anyone who knows me personally will know that I would live off houmous if I could- so it’s inevitable that I love Humpit! Their menu is fairly simple, but the quality of their houmous is so good and full of flavour.

This place is found in the Corn Exchange so I would definitely recommend this to any houmous-obsessed shoppers!


I went to Hansas for a Yoga Society committee Christmas meal and it was such a lovely meal out in terms of both food quality and atmosphere. The owner is really hospitable as he literally makes you feel like you’re dining in his own home! The authenticity is really shown in the flavour of the curries and the creative menu. One of the dishes I ordered was the paneer curry (shown above) which was amazing! The chefs are also all women which is another unique aspect of this Indian restaurant.


Firstly, I want to apologise for the poor quality photo as my iPhone 6 was in repair after being tragically dropped down the toilet- I was using my old phone  so this picture does not give the food any justice!  Bundobust specialises in Vegetarian Indian street food so I had to include it in this list regardless! Everything I ordered was lovely and I would recommend going for lunch as they do special lunch time deals!

4. BAKERY 164
Would Uni of Leeds be Uni of Leeds without Bakery 164? -NO.
Bakery 164 is the perfect lunch-time go-to place which specialises in toasted paninis as they bake their own bread fresh in store! They have really unique vegetarian fillings and they also do amazing salads; I got the falafel and feta one. If you’re ever stressed out about work/deadlines, go to Bakery 164 and treat yourself…Well that’s what I do anyway!


The restaurant name alone deserves recognition just for its randomness but the food is also top notch. They do Indian food but with a unique modern twist. The menu is really simple (unlike most traditional Indian restaurants) but each dish is packed full with flavour. Just some advice- make sure you’re super hungry when you go as the food is super filling, especially the moreish naan bread!
The Cat’s Pjs is found in the heart of Headingley so would be the perfect option to line your stomach before the famous Otley run!

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post and inspired you guys to try out some of these places- I know I definitely want to re-visit all of them after making this post! Feel free to share any other veggie places you’ve been to in the comments below or on my social media!

Andri x


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