Tips for Natural Make-up: The bare essentials

As much as I love doing fleeky full-blown make-up eyeliner with eyeliner, eyeshadow, contour etc, I do like keeping my make-up simple on some casual days to give my skin break so that my pores can breathe!
BUT like many, I don’t really like going out completely bare faced so I thought I’d share my tips to achieve the “no make-up” make-up look as well as the products I use regularly for this…



I honestly think that the key to fresh radiant skin is prepping your skin properly before applying any bb cream or foundation. It doesn’t need to be am expensive one, I just use a standard Nivea one for combination skin. I use this after exfoliating my skin, before applying any make-up and after taking it off.

This product smooths out the skin which helps the other products sit better on the skin.

If I’m not going anywhere fancy, I prefer to use BB cream rather than foundation. I mix a pea size amount of Maybelline BB cream with a tiny bit of the Maybelline liquid bronzer. I add the liquid bronzer because the BB cream is too light for me.

I’ve been using this powder for ages, it helps stop shine and sets my concealer without making it look cakey.


I under-estimated what a difference an eyelash primer makes. It helps comb them out (to avoid clumpiness), also helps to lengthen them. 

This is by far my favourite mascara as it makes my eyelashes look full without looking like a spider’s legs!


Although this product is quite expensive, I’d say it’s definitely worth buying as it lasts longer than other eyebrow products and doesn’t rub off half way through the day! It is really pigmented though so a little goes a long way!


Moisturising your lips before applying any colour prevents cracking/dryness. I use Nivea but any balm will do really.

This product has a nice glossy look and I sometimes use it with the NYX lip gloss mentioned below if I want more colour than just nude.

Ever since I bought this lip gloss in December I’ve worn it almost every day! This is such a great budget alternative for other more expensive matte lip glosses out there (i.e. Kylie Lip Collection etc.) This product is glossy when you apply it but dries matte.

I hope this post has helped any of you guys aiming for a natural make-up look. Feel free to leave any questions/comments below!
Andri xx

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