The Ultimate Healthy Ice-cream- Frill!

I discovered Frill in November when I attended an event in London that was any foodie’s heaven- Food Matter’s Live. It was a food event involving health talks as well as loads of stalls where new food companies were promoting their healthy products using newly founded ingredients/technology.
As soon as I tried the ice cream samples from Frill I fell in love with them instantly! I couldn’t believe it was vegan with no added sugar- such a winner-winner situation!

Frill only use natural ingredients and is naturally sweet due to adding juices, dates, etc. This makes it a great option to eat anytime of day so not just for dessert! – I think it would be lovely added on pancakes/waffles for a summer breakfast.

The texture is really good too as it’s creamy and smooth which is hard to find in a vegan ice cream. I’ve tried all the flavours and I can honestly say I love them all as they’re all packed with such a rich flavour- The ‘Refreshing Green’ has an especially unique flavour combination with ingredients including avocado, pineapple, apple, mango and dates!

In this post I’ve included the ‘Intense Chocolate’ flavour which is absolutely delicious and is perfect for all you vegan chocolate lovers out there!
For more information on Frill and where to buy check out their website here.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I will posting more healthy recipes/product recommendations soon!
Have you tried Frill or any other healthy ice cream? Share them in the comments below/my recent post on Instagram.
Andri xx


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