Secrets of the curls 2.0


I thought I’d do an updated hair post as I’ve been asked quite a few times recently what products and techniques I use for taming my short curls.


I did use to have really long big hair but ever since going for the crop the type/amount of products I now use are quite different (although some I’ve kept the same).


If you have longer hair then it might be best to read through my old post that I did a couple years back as this might be more relevant for you.

I think the most important tip for curly hair is to keep it as hydrated as possible.
The best ways of doing this are:
– Using a really good nourishing conditioner
– Using a good leave-in conditioner will change your life (scroll down to see which one I use)
– Using a sulphate free shampoo (scroll down to see the ones I use)
– Using a good quality hair oil, coconut oil works really well for my hair and so does Dove’s argan oil
– Washing your hair only once a week (to preserve natural hair oils) BUT I do wet my hair every morning over the sink to redefine the curls after sleeping on them all night!
– Keeping heat exposure to an absolute minimum- this is why I hardly ever straighten my hair, but if I do, I apply loads of protective serum to the ends.

Another key tip is to never brush your hair when it’s dry as this promotes frizz, I only comb it in the shower when its wet.

I think it’s also key to section your hair when you’re moisturising it as this ensures that you are applying the product to each curl, this also means that you end up using less product overall.

Listed below are my favourite products that I like to use on my hair- none of them cost more than a tenner a bottle so won’t break the bank too much!
I buy most of my hair proudcts from Afro-Carribbean hair shops but if you don’t have any near you then amazon/ebay stock most of them anyway.
*NOTE* I dont use all these products at the same time, I usually alternate between products in each category below…

–  Soft n’free curl activator cream
–  Kid’s shea butter

– Palmers sulphate free shampoo
Palmers sulphate free conditioner
Dr Miracle leave in conditioner

– Dove



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